Recreational and Pool Pass Info

All residents in good standing in the Villages must apply for a pass to enter any of our three parks and pools.  Only pass holders and their immediate residing family, or other registered occupants in the home will be admitted in addition to TWO guests.  Admittance with pass will be strictly enforced.

To obtain your pass simply bring along a copy of your deed or lease as well as your drivers license to any of the parks.  The supervisor of the park will begin the process.  One pass per residential unit will be issued and is valid for all parks.  Renewal process must be made annually. 

There is no charge, however there is a $25.00 fee for loss pass replacement.

If you are a new owner or tenant, please call your Homeowners Association  management or Rental Management to contact our office to determine if there are any outstanding valid passes for your address.  You must obtain that pass with your application. 

If you do not have that pass the $25.00 fee for a lost pass will apply.